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The majority of vocal coaches have little or no training in TEACHING singing.

Most singing teachers that refer to themselves as qualified actually have qualification in singing, but not in teaching singing and it's simply not the same thing. If a singer dutifullly studies the problems of his or her own voice and overcomes them, then they are probably well equipped to teach other singers with those exact same problems. Think of it like someone who has been ill and who has gotten better, claiming they are now qualified to be a doctor! Only someone who studies the teachique of analysing and correcting all voice types is genuienly ready to teach the spectrum of voices that will turn up at their teaching studios.

All the vocal coaches who teach for us have studied and then certified in a tried and tested, systematec pedegogy for diagnosing and correcting the things that make it difficult for most singers to fullfill their true potential.

Over 50 years ago, a uniquely gifted vocal coach studied many of the world’s most successful singers, and he realized that most of the singers that could achieve a relaxed vocal delivery across a significant range of their voice, shared the ability to keep their larynx at approximately the same height as when they speak, while moving up and down their range. This allows them to access all of their range, including parts that many singer are unaware of, or unwilling to access, with comparative ease.

He developed a system of exercises based on highly specific vowel shapes and consonant combinations that when used correctly, get the larynx “in the habit” of staying in this most natural of positions when singing, instead of it rising up the vocal tract as it tends to in many singers, causing that classic “strangled” feeling when reaching for high notes. The same system also addresses the issue of voices that have very little “strength” of depth of tone (caused by a lack of proper connection between the vocal cords).

Kelly Clarkson

He used this system to train a steady flow of new singers that were referred to him at the time like Stevie Wonder and nearly all of the Jackson family (inc Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson), Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Dusty Springfield, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson…. The list goes on into over 120 GRAMMY award winner singers, including many of today’s top singers. Over the years, many dedicated voice teachers have studied this method directly from the man himself and some of them have gone on to teach this system to other teachers throughout the world. It is from the technique's creator and this team of world respected voice teachers, that our team have studied the art of teaching voice, and all have reached a standard where they were certified to use it to teach all voice types.

The list of voice teachers they have studied with include greatly respected voice teachers such as John Henny, Greg Enriquez, Dave Stroud and Spencer Welch.


Kelly Clarkson
Photograph by Statia Molewski



The coaches here at the Southern School of Popular singing are proud to have achieved these standards and look forward to continually improving their abilities to deliver the method.

All of them continue to study, not only their own voices but how best to teach vocal technique to others.


Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Photo Credit: JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images